“After it Happened” – Post-Apocalyptic Fiction Series by Devon C. Ford

By | August 2, 2016

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This is a Post-Apocalyptic Fiction Series (my favorite genre) based in Great Britian by British author Devon C. Ford. Book #1 begins as survivors of a worldwide pandemic venture out in the world to see if there are other survivors.

For us American readers we will have to get used to British terms in Book #1 that we are unfamiliar with like “boot” for the trunk of a car, or lorry for a box type delivery or cargo truck, etc. But hey, we read to expand our minds in addition to entertainment right? By book #3 or #4 you won’t even notice it anymore. I am tempted to write the author and humorously suggest he put a glossary or British to American translation guide in an appendix, LOL. Just be glad it is easier to read it than interpret it in real life.

This is one of my funny British translation stories.

When I was stationed in Germany while active duty Army, there were combined forces exercises every other year called REFORGER (Return of Forces Germany). All branches of US military participated in addition to other military. During my second REFORGER I was part of a small Movement Control Center that was forward based. I took one of my NCOs along to coordinate with a British unit for mess support (food). I walked into the mess hall and introduced myself and asked who I needed to coordinate with for mess support (there is usually paperwork involved so they can get reimbursed for feeding members not in their unit, etc). The two British soldiers gave me a blank look and then turned to each other and started speaking a language I didn’t really understand. I leaned over and whispered asking my NCO if they were speaking English and he wasn’t sure either. Both sides tried to speak slowly without much success. I finally got frustrated and said “Sprechen sie Deutsch?” (Do you speak German?). They nodded and we were finally able to conduct business. Maybe they were a Scottish unit or something? No idea.

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When we had a British unit come to Fort Lewis WA I didn’t have a problem communicating with them. I even had a nice chat with one of the young Brit soldiers in a bar in Seattle or Tacoma. He was trying to get his friends to head back since he had an early guard shift but they wanted to stay out. I offered him a ride back to FT Lewis since I knew what barracks they were in. The poor kid just about had a heart attack when my MPs at the gate saluted me and waved me thru. He had no idea I was an Army Officer. Guess they are really class based over there and the thought of an officer giving him a ride almost had him in tears, LOL. It was quite funny, but of course I got ribbing from my guys since they had seen me with a “male” in my car late at night, ugh.

Anyway, sorry for the rambling. I have so many funny Army stories that I am tempted to start a new blog category just for them. LOL. Back to the book reviews.

The reason I like this series is that it is on Kindle Unlimited (see this post about KU). Plus it fulfills one of my main requirements for Post-Apocalyptic/Prepper fiction = it must teach readers something in the process of entertaining us. Many Preppers read this genre to get ideas. So in my opinion it must educate AND entertain.  This series has tons of good information hidden throughout the story line.   It is not a story about “preppers” but about survivors that join together to help survive in this new world with a greatly reduced population and no modern conveniences like electricity, running water, etc.   I like how they focused on finding a secure farm type location because they knew they were going to have to take care of themselves and provide for all their own needs.   You can click on the book pictures above or go to Devon Ford’s Amazon page for a list of his latest books.

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I will be adding more reading suggestions in the book category in the future.  Let me know in the comments what some of your favorite prepper or homesteading books are (both fiction and non-fiction).  I love to read and gain knowledge along the way.

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    im looking forbook five: sanctuary amazon doesn’t have it . when is the release date?


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