“Impossible Beyond this Point” – By Joel Horn

By | October 10, 2016

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Joel Horn Author

I recently became reacquainted with Joel Horn’s writing when I started reading his Mare Tranquillitatis fiction series.

Here is Joel’s Author Page on Amazon along with his website JoelHornAuthor.com

I started with Lost Coast Rocket Book #1, then Hatching the Phoenix Egg Book #2.  I am anxiously awaiting Book #3.

 Lost Coast Rocket (Mare Tranquillitatis Series Book 1) Hatching the Phoenix Egg (Mare Tranquillitatis Series) (Volume 2) Impossible Beyond This Point: True Adventure Creating a Self-Sufficient Life in the Wilderness


Joel’s fiction writing doesn’t really fit into one specific genre.  It is a combination of Young Adult, Science Fiction, and in book #2 we get into a bit of Apocalyptic Fiction (my favorite, LOL).  When I first started Lost Coast Rocket I wasn’t sure if I could get into the story.  There were child geniuses designing and building rockets (sounds right up my alley – HA! Not!).  But I am so glad I continued because as the kids aged I got into the story deeper and then couldn’t stop reading because of course I had to find out what happened.  If any of you have young teens, especially if they are into science, this book will motivate them to dream big.  But hmmm…..  not sure I want any kids trying to recreate testing solid fuels….. Ha ha…

Here is my Amazon review of Book #1 Lost Coast Rocket:

Wonderful story! Can’t wait to read book #2, October 7, 2016
WMH Cheryl

For the first half of the book I felt it was mainly focused for young adults, especially teens into science and rockets. This is not my usual genre of reading. But I soon became engrossed in the story, especially as the characters progressed in age. Kids being able to build a rocket of that is pretty inconceivable to me but in the author’s notes at the end he sites child geniuses that inspired him. I strongly recommend this book to young teens to motivate them to dream bigger, and even for old folks like me that enjoy a good story and exposure to more science than we can understand, LOL. Plus everyone in between, LOL.
Great job! Can’t wait to go get book #2.

Here is my Amazon review of Book #2 Hatching the Phoenix Egg:

Another rollercoaster ride of emotions, October 7, 2016

 Whew…. another awesome story and continuation of Lost Coast Rocket (Mare Tranquillitatis Series Book 1)

This book had so many twists and turns with surprise revelations, constantly keeping me on my toes, and kept me reading into the wee hours of the night. This book had a combination of science fiction and apocalyptic fiction and just good old fashioned great story telling. Joel’s writing goes into such detail that you can almost feel yourself crawling through the briars and falling through the waterfalls and rocks. I am not usually an emotional reader but I caught myself laughing out loud one moment and tears in my eyes the next. I guess that is what sets apart great writers, their ability to generate emotions in their readers. Well done!! I look forward to reading his real life story “Impossible Beyond this Point”.

Both fiction books are great reads and I am looking forward to Book #3’s release.  But the book I really relate to is of course “Impossible Beyond this Point:  True Adventure Creating a Self-Sufficient Life in the Wilderness”  .  I had read this book a year or two ago and loved it of course.  I actually think about this book whenever I am freezing my fanny off when it gets down to 34 degrees inside the house and I am bundled up with sleeping bags and mylar blankets, etc.  I recall thinking what a wimp I am as compared to the Horn’s and all they struggled through on their land.  They had snow and ice and flooding.  My land may get freezing weather and frost occasionally, but no snow drifts to deal with.  Not to mention that I can drive right up to my land.  I don’t have to hike and drag in all my supplies….. YIKES!  I truly am a wimp.  I get sore and exhausted just unloading my truck bed and lumber rack and dragging supplies the 50 to 200 feet to where they need to go.   When I have to hike to the back of the ranch (only about 2350′) I am huffing and puffing.  Shoot I am huffing and puffing after just the first little hill.  (I am getting old so I have some excuse, LOL).

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I did learn some great tips from reading his book and I enjoyed all the photographs that really helped fill in my mental pictures.  One item was the “candlebug” that I couldn’t quite visualize.  But guess what?  Joel has a YouTube channel and a video of how to make your own candlebug along with other videos of his off grid projects like an insulated walk in freezer and a sausage curing root cellar.

I strongly recommend “Impossible Beyond this Point”, especially in winter when you are cold or any other time the challenge of homesteading is getting you down.  Others like the Horns have endured far worse then we probably are.  It can be done over time and with a little ingenuity.

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Author: WMH Cheryl

I am living off-off grid with horses, goats, chickens, meat rabbits, llamas, dogs and too many Feral cats. Learning things the hard way and hoping my mistakes may help you avoid them while we prep for the future with a goal of being self sufficient.

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