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By | August 12, 2016

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I just finished reading the first two books in Mark Goodwin’s newest Apocalyptic (or Prepper) fiction series “Seven Cows, Ugly and Gaunt”. Book #1 Behold, Darkness and Sorrow: A Post-Apocalyptic EMP-Survival Thriller and Book #2 Ichabod.   I have read his other fiction books and thoroughly enjoyed them because of all the great prepper tips that are hidden throughout the story lines of his novels.  He also writes non-fiction survival and prepper books full of great information but I find that I get the most enjoyment from reading when I can learn from reading a fiction novel.  Non-fiction often puts me to sleep.

Mark’s Author Page and Website:

Mark’s books are available in paperback, Kindle, and Kindle Unlimited (you know how much I LOVE authors that put their books on Kindle Unlimited !!!).  You can visit Mark’s Author page on Amazon to see his full selection of books.  He also has a website full of Prepper info, resources, and more info on his books (  I read The Days of Noah series a couple times and must confess that I hated the way it ended.   Thank goodness he has a new series coming out in October of 2016 called The Days of Elijah, Book One: Apocalypse  that is a continuation of The Days of Noah series.

I literally read HUNDREDS of books per year (thank goodness for the library and Kindle Unlimited or I would be bankrupt, or more bankrupt then I already am, LOL).  So instead of trying to review and recommend individual books, I figured I better group my reviews by favorite authors when possible, otherwise this blog might be filled with only book reviews.   If you have read some of my other reviews then you know that for a prepper or apocalyptic fiction book to “make my radar” it not only has to be fairly realistic (I hate mistakes in weapons or tactics), but it must also “teach” while telling the story.  Unfortunately I have read SO MANY books that it is often hard to surprise me with new tips or ideas that I haven’t been exposed to before.  But it does still occur and I get very excited when it does.   Of course I also get overly analytical about prepper fiction and occasionally break down and write authors or critique scenarios with friends or in forums/discussions.   I guess you could say I get TOO into the stories and need to remind myself that it is just fiction after all.    So please, if you have read any of these books and want to either rant or rave about them in the comments, bring it on.  I love to discuss Prepper or Post-Apocalyptic fiction books.

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I am living off-off grid with horses, goats, chickens, meat rabbits, llamas, dogs and too many Feral cats. Learning things the hard way and hoping my mistakes may help you avoid them while we prep for the future with a goal of being self sufficient.

5 thoughts on “Mark Goodwin – Author of Apocalyptic Fiction

  1. Mark Yearty

    Good article. I’ve just discovered Mark, and his books. My question is what’s the best order to read his books. Which series first, second, third, etc.? Thanks!

    1. WMH Cheryl Post author

      Hi Mark,
      The only two series that actually are related and should be read in order are the Days of Noah series before the Days of Elijah series. His Economic Collapse Chronicles series was published first but can be read at any time. One trick is to click the link above for his Amazon Author page and then sort by publication date. Lots of great reading from this author and so many others. If you are on Facebook, check out the Post-apocalyptic and Prepper Readers Group for lots of other great reading suggestions in this genre.

      1. Mark Yearty

        Thanks Cheryl! That helps a lot! I didn’t know if they all connected or not.

  2. Peri

    Did mark g. Ever write the fourth book in his Elijah series? I can’t find it.

    1. WMH Cheryl Post author

      Book #3 only came out last month (September 2017) so it will probably be awhile before book #4 is available.


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