Legal junk

The smart website people tell me I have to have a Privacy Policy,  Terms of Service statement, and an Affiliate Link Disclosure. So you can click on the below links or select from the drop down menu for all the legalese.

Bottom line = I am not going to sell your email address or any other personal information. I will safeguard all personal information and the best part is that none of your data resides on any computer, tablet, or other device I own. All email addresses for the newsletter are maintained by MailChimp on their servers and all software and programs to run this site are stored and hosted by Bluehost. Both are huge professional companies that are well respected across the globe. They make security their top priority and they have professionals on staff that are far smarter than me.

MailChimp is super strict about not allowing spam and verifying members. They have so many rules and verification processes it made my head spin. So no fears, you will not be spammed because you signed up for my newsletter and every email will have an unsubscribe link. Just unsubscribe instead of marking as spam.

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You can also visit my Support this Blog page to learn more about Affiliate Links and how they work and my philosophy about the whole thing.