Hard Boil 36-72+ Easter eggs at once with the Sun! No water required!

By | March 26, 2016

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In my previous post, I experimented with hard boiling eggs using the solar Sun Oven.  No water is required, but you must use the old fashioned cardboard egg cartons and not styrofoam.  The reason for using the egg carton is to avoid those ugly green or brown spots that will occur if eggs touch each other while cooking.

When my local feed store didn’t have any of the cardboard egg cartons, my sister gave me the great idea of asking a local restaurant for an egg flat they were going to throw away.  My local Jack in the Box was nice enough to give me one to try out.  The 36 egg flat fits perfectly in the Sun Oven.  If your solar oven is a different size, it is very easy to cut a row off the flat.   Yesterday I hard boiled my first batch of 36.

A flat of 36 eggs hard-boiled with the Sun!

A flat of 36 eggs hard-boiled with the Sun!

So of course today I had to push the envelope and see if it would work with a second layer of eggs on another 36 egg flat.   In theory it should work since the sun shining on the eggs is not what hard boils them, but the temperature inside the oven.

Sure enough.  Worked perfectly.  Since both yesterday and today I was going to be away from the solar cooker, I positioned it so it would be in a mid position for the tract the sun would travel.  I was happy to see that the oven was up to 300 degrees before I left.

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The best part of this method is that the eggs are very easy to peel when hard-boiled with the sun.   Of course hard boiling all these eggs got me wondering how catering companies or resturants hard boil large batches of eggs to make deviled eggs, etc.  If anyone knows, please post in the comments below.

I realized hard boiling large quantities of eggs is something many households will be doing this weekend in celebration of Easter.  Hopefully Preppers across the globe will be utilizing the sun to hard boil those Easter eggs.

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