Hard Boil 36-72+ Easter eggs at once with the Sun! No water required!

By | March 26, 2016

In my previous post, I experimented with hard boiling eggs using the solar Sun Oven.  No water is required, but you must use the old fashioned cardboard egg cartons and not styrofoam.  The reason for using the egg carton is to avoid those ugly green or brown spots that will occur if eggs touch each other while cooking.… Read More »

Welcome to WMH Cheryl’s Blog

By | March 21, 2016

I live off grid with horses, goats, chickens, llamas, meat rabbits, dogs, and too many darn feral cats. I am attempting to become more self-sufficient by growing and raising my own food on my homestead.  Being a Prepper is just part of this lifestyle. This blog is dedicated to sharing the lessons I have learned while purchasing raw… Read More »

Help! Chickens and dogs not eating butchering remains

By | March 20, 2016

So what’s the deal? Everything I have read or seen on YouTube videos mention feeding your dogs and chickens the left over butchering remains. I thought when I went to pour the gut bucket into the chicken bowls that I would be swamped with ravenous chickens, but they ignored it. I even sprinkled chicken scratch around their bowls….Nothing.… Read More »