Easy Spices for Bug Out Bag (BOB) or Cache

By | March 26, 2016

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Variety is the Spice of life.  Spicing up bland or monotonous food will be very important if you ever have to rely on your long term food stores or heaven forbid MREs (Meals Ready to Eat).   That is why many Preppers try to ensure they remember to stock their favorite spices and seasonings.   Adding those items to my Bug Out Bags (BOBs) and caches was always a challenge for me in the past.  

I didn’t like the little Ziploc baggies, feeling the thin plastic didn’t afford much protection and probably did nothing for maintaining freshness.  Plus I didn’t want to cache a bunch of full size expensive spice bottles that might never be used or rotated since they are maintained or buried away from home.

I was stuck until yesterday when I stumbled upon another great 99 cent Store find.  I could fill this blog with all my great 99 cent and Dollar Store finds.  It can be a Prepper wonderland, LOL.


I discovered in the Spice section a choice of different types of 4 in 1 small spice jars.  The “Italian” contains basil, rosemary, oregano, and mixed herbs (marjoram and basil).  The 4-in-1 contains black pepper, sea salt, chili powder, and garlic granules.  The one marked Herbs actually contains the same spices as the Italian jar.   For an investment of 99 cents you can’t go wrong throwing a couple of these into a cache or BOB.  Shoot I’d pay that for the handy little 4 compartment jars.  Plus I feel safer storing this than little Ziploc bags that could be poked or torn and dump their aromatic contents on my gear.  These little jars would be great for campers and backpackers also.

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I spent a lot of time in the field when I was in the Army.  I am old enough to have even experienced C-rats before MREs were developed.  I was with 9th ID when T-rats were being developed (only 3 items at the time: scrambled eggs, diced potatoes, and spiced apples which I loved!).  Trust me, those diced potatoes required a ton of pepper or tobasco sauce to be edible.  The Army even added those cute tiny bottles of tobasco sauce to MREs to help mask the taste.  Food would burn on the way down and on the way out, ugh.  I still have the small canvas tobasco sauce holder that you could attach to your LBE (load bearing equipment).  So trust me, you want to add spices to your preps.

These might even make great barter items to have on hand.  I probably won’t stock the herb one in quantity because herbs do age fairly fast (but I have been know to use herbs way past their best by dates, just use extra).  The salt, pepper, chilli powder and garlic 4-in-1 would store far longer.  I have also used 99 cent/dollar store spices to stock things I don’t use in my normal cooking, just so I have it on hand in case SHTF. Like they say, variety is the Spice of life.

I just found another great idea on Tipnut that came from Seattle Sundries.  Using your old Tic TAC containers to hold your spices.  Shoot, why didn’t I think of that.


What other great ideas are out there?

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