Kindle Unlimited -Why every Prepper and Homesteader needs it!

By | April 22, 2016

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What is Kindle Unlimited:

Kindle Unlimited is an Amazon program that allows you to have up to ten books “checked out” at a time with unlimited reading per month.  Not all e-books on Amazon are available under Kindle Unlimited, but you would be amazed at some of the books that are.
Join Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial

When I say “checked out” that means that the books are not permanently stored on your Kindle, Smart Phone, computer, or tablet.  You can keep them for an unlimited amount of time, but if you have 10 and want a new one, you have to turn one back in first.   There are some books I have kept for months because I am using them for reference and have either not yet bought the actual paper version of the book, or haven’t decided to buy and store the Kindle version permanently to my Android tablet.

The best part of Kindle Unlimited is that you can test drive a book or an author so you can decide if you want to purchase the e-book or paper version permanently.   Because lets be honest here, there are a LOT of cheap e-books that are not worth the full price.  Yes, the price might be as low as 99 cents, but that adds up if you are a reading-aholic like I am.   The best review I can give a book is to say I read it on Kindle Unlimited and then paid for it so I can have it forever.  Of course that is what the author is hoping because they don’t make much money under Kindle Unlimited.

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Now I am going to let you in on a secret, and I sure hope none of you work for Amazon (and I pray they never change their current policy), but they lose BIG BUCKS on me!  LOL.  Kindle Unlimited is a subscription service like Netflicks where you pay one set price per month ($9.99) for all the books you can read (or listen to if you are into audio books).  I have read 100’s and 100’s of books (wouldn’t be surprised if I am fast approaching a 1000+.  A conservative guess is that I average 50 per month.  Depending on what I am researching or reading about, if they are small books I have read 5-10 in one day.  Large fiction novels I average one per day (well until I started trying to learn WordPress, now it is only a couple fiction novels per week with the rest being How To books on WordPress, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, etc).

Why every Prepper and Homesteader needs Kindle Unlimited:

You do not need to own a Kindle to read Amazon Kindle e-books or Kindle Unlimited books.  You just down load for free the Kindle reading App appropriate to your device.   Yes, for FREE!   Plus Amazon has 1000’s of FREE e-books that you can permanently store.  If I finally get technologically savvy enough, I will post a list of the hundreds of e-books that I have downloaded for free. – Read eBooks using the FREE Kindle Reading App on Most Devices

This wealth of information is free for the free books (no cost for app and no cost for free e-books).  When I first learned about the Kindle reading App for Android I went hog wild searching Amazon for free Kindle e-books and was overwhelmed.  So narrow your search requests to things like free Kindle gardening books, or recipe books, etc.  Plus free books can change constantly as authors mark them for free for a limited time to boost their readership and download numbers.

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It was during these initial searches that I learned about Kindle Unlimited and signed up for my free trial.  All that information now at my finger tips.  No more long drives into town to go to the library (well not as often as before, there are still plenty of books I get from the library).  Reading-aholic remember?   An added benefit I discovered when finally breaking down and reading e-books (used to swear only “real” books for me), was that I stopped killing my car and truck batteries.  I used to sit in my car or truck and use the dome lights to read by.  I was jump starting or hooking my batteries to chargers a few times a week.  Of course I ruined their life spans draining them so much.  Batteries are expensive as heck these days.   It is far easier to plug the tablet into the 12v adapter or cigarette lighter and have a perfectly lit up reading device.  My tablet has never drained my battery.  Also, no more reading glasses for me!

This is why Preppers and Homesteaders (and anyone else in the world actually) should take advantage of the free app and also get a subscription to Kindle Unlimited.  For only $9.99 a month you get unlimited educational and entertainment opportunities.

I will be doing future posts on recommended books (both paper and e-book).  The below links are Affiliate links which means I get a small commission if you end up making a purchase after using that link.  Your price is exactly the same so it doesn’t cost you anything extra.  You can read about it on this page.

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Join Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial

Below is a book I strongly suggest all Preppers and Homesteaders have.  I used Kindle Unlimited to view and read portions of it so that I was sure I wanted to purchase the paper version for my survival library.

This is the link to the Kindle version but you must already be a Kindle Unlimited subscriber for it to give you the “read for free” button.  This is an example that not all Kindle Unlimited books are only the cheap $1-$4 books.  If you prefer to get the paper version, just click out of the Kindle box on Amazon to the paperback box.  I will be doing in depth reviews of my favorite books in the future.  This is only a sample to show you how useful Kindle Unlimited can be.


If you have any questions about Kindle Unlimited, feel free to ask in the comments below or drop me an email at the Contact Me page.

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