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By | March 18, 2016

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Oh I am Soooooo…. EXCITED !!!!

I know this is NOT a tech blog, but I am doing the happy dance again! I have spent the last two days trying to figure out how to make and insert “Call to Action” buttons on my pages and posts on this website. My new WordPress theme is called Responsive and came with a call to action button on the homepage, but I couldn’t figure out how to duplicate the button for other pages and posts. All my googling was coming up with conflicting info, or bad reviews for various plug-ins that slowed the site down or snuck in ads or secret code, etc.

I then found out about a free call to action button maker that is online. These buttons can be downloaded and you can use on websites or emails, etc. So I made THIS:


Pretty cool huh? The awesome thing is that once you upload it into your WordPress media library, it is always there a click away. You don’t have to mess with CSS or anything.
Just place the cursor where you want the button, click on Add Media and select it from your media library.

button (2) lets you select button size, font, colors, shapes, etc. All while previewing what the button looks like while you make changes. This is an awesome tool. I fear I may go slightly button crazy but at least I am not subjecting you to those horrible ninja pop ups. Boy do I hate those! I also hate those floating social sharing icons that get in the way when you are trying to read a website. I don’t know what they are like on a normal computer, but with small mobile screens they suck. I have actually given up reading some websites because I hate the constant pop-ups and floating icons. So PLEASE tell me in the comments below if my buttons or social sharing icons drive you crazy.  (Yes I went a little crazy with buttons in this post but it was just SO MUCH FUN !!).  Hmmmm….wonder how I can change colors of text in here?  It is super easy with DaButtonFactory but alas WordPress is not that easy.

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