Help! Chickens and dogs not eating butchering remains

By | March 20, 2016

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So what’s the deal? Everything I have read or seen on YouTube videos mention feeding your dogs and chickens the left over butchering remains. I thought when I went to pour the gut bucket into the chicken bowls that I would be swamped with ravenous chickens, but they ignored it. I even sprinkled chicken scratch around their bowls….Nothing. They showed no interest in it. So I left them alone figuring they would discover this delicacy on their own. Nope!

One day later and it still isn’t touched. One guy on his blog said he even cuts open squirrels to feed to his chickens.  I know for a fact that chickens eat dead chickens. I recently had a hen drown in one of the horse water troughs. I pulled her out and laid her on top of my old dump truck to keep her out of reach of the dogs. I was planning on using her for a maggot bucket experiment to feed the chickens. When I returned later I found a rooster humping her…UGH! Roosters can be nasty! That is not the first time I have seen a rooster mating a dead hen over the years. I didn’t want to interrupt his “private moment” (ugh), so left the maggot bucket project for another day. Low and behold the next day the chickens had torn up their former buddy and were porking out. We all know that chickens will eat anything, why not my rabbit butchering remains?

I had even given the rabbit heads and feet to the ranch guard dog. I figured he would have gone to town on those bunny remains since he previously lived on a ranch that did a lot of butchering. A local professional meat rabbit operation even sells dehydrated rabbit ears and feet as dog and cat treats. But nope, dog ignored them. Today with all three dogs running loose, none of them went for the heads, feet, nor gut bucket remains in the chicken bowls.

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I am really upset because I decided yesterday during butchering to not save the liver, kidneys, nor heart which are supposed to be prime healthy internal organs that we should all be eating more of.  Since I had transformed my outdoor kitchen area (actually my former stallion’s shelter) into my butcher area, I decided not to re-setup the cooking stuff so I could try the good organs myself.  Plus I figured the dogs would appreciate some good raw food instead of their commercial dry dog food.  If this is any indication of their willingness to eat raw natural foods,  then they are not going to last long in a SHTF scenario.  I have seen them drag in and eat disgusting old rotting carcasses they find in the fields, but no interest in fresh bunny.  What is up with that??

So I need help.  Should I wait until things get “riper” and then expect the chickens and dogs to pork out?  Or should I give up and add this stuff to a maggot bucket to make chicken and fish food?  What do you do with your gut bucket remains?  Do your chickens and dogs actually eat them when fresh?  Let me know in the comment section below.

Update:  Yep, the remains just had to get “ripe” or maybe less fresh and more dried out.   I can guarantee that my next livers, kidneys, and hearts will not go to those ungrateful animals.  Organ meats are supposed to be tremendously healthy for us.  Our modern diets are woefully absent of these nutritional powerhouses.  Learning to cook them properly will be my next challenge.

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Author: WMH Cheryl

I am living off-off grid with horses, goats, chickens, meat rabbits, llamas, dogs and too many Feral cats. Learning things the hard way and hoping my mistakes may help you avoid them while we prep for the future with a goal of being self sufficient.

2 thoughts on “Help! Chickens and dogs not eating butchering remains

  1. Gunnila

    I know it’s an ald post, but I’ve just found your blog and read backwards.
    It’s quite interesting to me that not only hoomans, but dogs and chicks prefer commercial overprocessed food ower wholesome. I personally feed my dog raw since we got him home, as he straight out refused to eat kibble provided by the breeder. He eats mostly store-bought meat as I live in a city, but sometimes I get a butchered animal from a farm and he will eat that too. Yet I’ve noticed he has some preferences and there are things he doesn’t want to eat, like kidneys ( I’ve tried beef, pork and rabbit), pork lungs or liver (chicken are ok) or anything duck. And he didn’t eat the internal odgans of freshly butchered chickens either, so maybe you’re right, they are not ripe, as store bought are a staple. You’re also right in the assumption the more smelly and rotten the meat/bone is, the better 😛 as opposed to cats, that only eat fresh meat.

    1. WMH Cheryl Post author

      Thanks for the input Gunnila. I am glad to hear that it isn’t only my dumb dogs. I am surely not going to waste those good livers on them again, LOL. Yep, I won’t mention all the smelly rotting stuff they have dug up and eaten, ugh. I now have to bury things in a fenced in area to keep those gross dogs away, ugh.


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