Nocturnal Chickens ???

By | August 21, 2017

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Nocturnal chicken

Yep….. nocturnal chickens exist.  The above picture I took tonight by flashlight.  Hence the crappy photo and poor background.  It is tough chasing a free range nocturnal chicken around with a flashlight in one hand and trying to trap it in an area so she will stand still for a photo op.  LOL

I have mentioned this hen to family and friends and they all tell me that chickens are not nocturnal.  Yep, most aren’t, but obviously they exist.

She doesn’t just stay up a bit later the other chickens, nope…..she is roaming around at midnight, 2am, etc.  AND I have NO lighting.  No porch light, barn lights, etc.  It is pitch black except for my flashlight when I walk around.

She is not seen during the day.  I don’t know where she hides.  My guess is that due to having too many aggressive roosters, this is her coping mechanism.  She hides until all the other chickens are in bed, then she is free to roam unmolested by the roosters.

It could also be that she is just too darn smart.  Since the chickens often follow me around during the day, I can’t feed the outside dog or the free range rabbits, nor the feral cats because the chickens will devour anything in sight.  So these animals get their food put out late at night.  I often hear the big black Shepard and this hen fighting over his food.  I know when she wins when I hear the metallic pings ringing from her beak pecking his dog food kibble in his metal food bowl.

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I feel a bit guilty that she has had to resort to a nocturnal lifestyle but then again there are dozens of other chickens here that are “normal” and seem to cope.  So who knows, maybe a rooster reduction wouldn’t matter to her anyway.  It is obvious from her feather damage that she is getting bred at some point in the day.

So if you happen to have a nocturnal chicken, you are not alone.  Let me know your theories in the comments below.  We can start a nocturnal chicken club, LOL.

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I am living off-off grid with horses, goats, chickens, meat rabbits, llamas, dogs and too many Feral cats. Learning things the hard way and hoping my mistakes may help you avoid them while we prep for the future with a goal of being self sufficient.

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    1. WMH Cheryl Post author

      Thanks…it was kind of a silly and quick post. Just thought others might find it interesting that nocturnal chickens do exist but are obviously rare.


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