“A Cabin Full of Food” – Book Review

By | July 21, 2016

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“A Cabin Full of Food” by Marie Beausoleil

I originally read this book through the Kindle Unlimited program but then purchased it because it is one of those books you always want to have on hand.  If you don’t yet know about the Kindle Unlimited program, please read my post on how much I love it and why it is imperative for any homesteader, Prepper, gardener, cook, student, and anyone who loves to read or research.
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I also love authors who make their books available on Kindle Unlimited.  It truly allows readers to evaluate the full book before making a purchase.  Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature is nice but having access to the entire book is invaluable.  You don’t need to own a Kindle to read Kindle books, get the free app here.
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Marie’s “A Cabin Full of Food” is jammed packed with invaluable information for anyone living or considering living off grid.  Not only will off gridders learn valuable lessons, anyone wanting to learn the tips and tricks of scratch cooking and food preservation will come away with skills and knowledge they didn’t realize they needed.

The Table of Contents alone is 30 pages in the Kindle version so you are easily able to tap on the category or recipe you want and jump to that page.  There are great conversion charts in the appendix also.  There is a “Make Your Own” section covering everything from Vanilla extract to Fermented Ginger Beer to homemade baking powder.  Other categories include Herbs & Spices, Grains, Vegetables, Legumes, Dairy & Eggs, Trees & Fruit, and Meat.  Hundreds of recipes and tips.  I could read this book a dozen times and not learn it all (hence why I purchased it after reading it on Kindle Unlimited).

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Marie’s down to earth writing style and humor make this more than just a book of recipes.  A must read and purchase for anyone wanting to gain the knowledge of our ancestors before the world was poisoned by processed foods and GMOs.  It is knowledge you or your children may need someday.

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