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By | May 18, 2016

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EDC Key Chain

From upper right clock wise: Fire Starter, Pocket Knife, Can Opener, LED Flashlight, Flint Match, keys.

I originally started a post last week titled “How Many Bags do Preppers really need?”.  I had started writing it and collecting pictures for it because I had just stumbled across a new acronym that I hadn’t heard of and that was an INCH bag (I’m Never Coming Home bag).  What the heck?  So I did my research and starting writing and taking pictures.  Of course the draft article was getting longer and longer and longer.   Shoot people write entire books on the subject.  So I realized that I really need to cut that post up and do separate articles that will then feed into that one ultimately.    So lets start at the beginning with EDC or Every Day Carry items.  What is EDC and some ideas and recomendations.  I will show you what I do but you can find 100’s of other ideas out there.  This is just what is working for me at the moment along with what I am trying to improve.

Every Day Carry (EDC):

The goal of the EDC is to give you SOMETHING on your body that can be used in an emergency or disaster when all other prep items may not be available.

Every Day Carry items do not necessarily have to be in a “bag”.  They are the bare minimums you want to have on your body at all times in case you are separated from your Get Home Bag or your Bug Out Bag (BOB).   Some people have the items in their pockets, or in a purse they always carry, or clipped to their belts, in a fanny pack, etc.  Why go to that effort?  Well there are dozens of scenarios where you might be separated from your Get Home Bag or BOB.

Lets say you are out shopping and you keep your Get Home Bag in your vehicle like I do.  A riot, fire, earthquake, terrorist attack  or law enforcement activity keeps you from being able to get back to your vehicle to get your Get Home Bag.  Shoot a bomb blast or riot might have left your vehicle out in the parking lot a burning, smoldering mess.  So instead of being totally wiped out of any resources to help you get home, you have your EDC Every Day Carry items on your person.

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Maybe you keep your Get Home Bag at your desk with you at work and you happen to be in the bathroom or down on the production floor or another floor or building at work going about your daily routine.  Once again the unexpected can occur and you are separated from your Get Home Bag.  Hence the point of having Every Day Carry items on you at all times.

Suggested Every Day Carry items:

This will be totally dependent on the individual and the types of situations or locations they are in on a typical day.  The easiest way to carry items for each individual will be different also.  Someone wearing a dress or a suit may not want to mar the image with a fanny pack, but a purse or briefcase may be possible if it is carried with you everywhere.   Try to be creative.  I used to carry a purse but with my current lifestyle and ranch clothes a purse just doesn’t fit in most of the time.   I usually just have items in my pockets or clipped to belt loops or my jeans.  I confess that since ditching the purse, I have far less items on me than I would like.  So I have broken down and picked up a more comfortable fanny pack that can carry a lot more items.  I hope I can get accustomed to wearing it daily.   I always have a good knife clipped to my jeans, and as a minimum my primary key chain (pictured above) along with my old fashioned flip cell phone in my pockets.  Could I make it home with that?  Probably, but moving up to a fanny pack will allow me to carry many more items like a small first aid kit, a water purification straw, a mylar blanket, small multi-tool, and chap stick or lip gloss (multi-use items not only for lips, can help light a fire, some first aid applications, etc).

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You don’t have to go hog wild with producing a mini version of your Get Home Bag, just try to imagine situations where you don’t have access to your Get Home Bag and what are the absolute minimum items you want to have on you at all times.  Then try to fit those items into your normal daily attire or what you always carry with you (purse, briefcase, back pack, etc).  But if you normally leave your purse or briefcase at your desk or in a locker, then you can’t count that as Every Day Carry.

You probably have plenty of items around the house or in your desk that you can make part of your Every Day Carry.  I had already purchased P-38 (small military can opener) and P-51 (large size) can openers (available almost everywhere, links are to Amazon or Walmart through my Affiliate program).  I have always had a P-38 or P-51 on my key chains for the last 30+ years.  (Wow just found a deal on Amazon for a 20 pack, 10  P-38 and 10 P-51).

They have other uses besides just a can opener.  I did have to purchase a mini LED light specifically for my key chain because otherwise it was too bulky to fit in my pocket.  I recently added a new Flint Match to my key chain in addition to the other small fire starter on the cords.   It was one of those promotional items that is “FREE” if you pay shipping.  If you are like me your email in box gets cluttered with dozens of those offers.   But I did find it on Amazon here or probably available on Ebay also.  I am actually quite impressed with the version I got.   There are other designs out there.  This one works great and I will probably remove the other fire starter to reduce key chain size.  Amazon also has a pack of 10 at a very good price.   There is another style on Amazon that is sold in a pack of 5.  I haven’t personally tried this type but they probably all work the same.  Might be handy if you like to buy a pack and distribute among various GHB or BOBs.

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You may notice that most of the links were for “packs” of items like mylar blankets and P-38 & P-51 can openers.   That is because I prefer to purchase items like that in bulk because it is far cheaper.  Instead of paying $3.50 for one item, you get a pack of 10 or 20 and works out to 50-60 cents per item.   Of course I only do that with small items that I need a lot of like mylar blankets, etc.   I have things like can openers and mylar blankets and water purification items all over the place.  In my EDC, my Get Home Bag in my vehicle, in my Bug Out Bag at home, in each vehicle, various locations around the homestead and caches, etc.

I will continue to update this post with pictures and links.  Let me know in the comments things you find essential that I may not have considered for EDC Every Day Carry.    Don’t forget that we haven’t yet touched on Get Home Bags, Bug Out Bags, and this new one for me the INCH bag.

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Author: WMH Cheryl

I am living off-off grid with horses, goats, chickens, meat rabbits, llamas, dogs and too many Feral cats. Learning things the hard way and hoping my mistakes may help you avoid them while we prep for the future with a goal of being self sufficient.

2 thoughts on “Prepper EDC – Every Day Carry

  1. Psyndarela

    Nice article – very informative! I like the idea and/or concept of an “INCH” bag.

    1. WMH Cheryl Post author

      Thanks! I am actually having a hard time with the INCH bag verses the Bug Out Bag (BOB). I personally have considered my BOB what they are now describing as an INCH, but they have some valid points. I will cover all that in the INCH bag post I have drafted that just became way too long.


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