My favorite Android file manager = Total Commander App by C. Ghisler

By | March 13, 2016

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No, this is not a tech blog, it is an Off Grid Homestead Prepper blog. But when I run across something so wonderful that I want to jump for joy and kiss someone, I decided I would let the world know (not that I think the world will ever read this, shoot my mom doesn’t even read my blog).

Total Commander file manager App is AWESOME !

Android screen shot

Android screen shot

First, let me explain. I am no longer a techie. Back in the days of CPM 86 and then DOS, I was a computer godess!!! LOL…. But those days are far behind me and probably 99% of you have no clue what I just said. I don’t even own a smart phone. When Verizon talked me into getting a tablet so I could finally get email and internet at my off grid ranch, those poor people had no idea what they were in for. I drove them crazy with all my questions over the next few weeks. Even the local library employees in the computer lab area started to cringe when I approached the desk with my new tablet in hand. Shoot, they had to teach me how to swipe and tap on the darn thing. I am sure one guy especially got a laugh with his young buddies when I complained that the text was too small to read without my reading glasses and he showed me how to take my fingers to zoom in or out on the screen. Amazing!!!! They did end up getting an Android for Dummies book for me, but it wasn’t dumb enough. The first thing it said was “tap the app icon”. Well…what the heck did the app icon look like? Ugh.

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All that rambling is to explain my joy today at finding Total Commander. I have been struggling to take pictures that I will be able to use in this blog. My best friend even helped yesterday by taking pics and emailing them to me. But they don’t end up in my photo section and are instead in downloads, etc. The worst part is that the picture names are all by date and number. I just wanted the ability to rename them and maybe even put them in categories (like horses rabbits, chickens, etc.) Even my young 22 year old nephew who by virtue of his age is my Android tablet and techie genius was not able to do it on my tablet. He could rename things on his smartphone, but not my tablet.

So of course I ” googled” it. I am smart enough to do that. After a few articles I realized I needed an app to make my life easier. Even that was a struggle, reading reviews and complaints about glitches, ads, crashes, etc. FINALLY I found Total Commander and within seconds was viewing thumbnail images for quick renaming. I can’t believe it worked so well and was FREE !!!!!!
Not even those annoying ads or pop ups. I even emailed the creator to thank him and complain that google wouldn’t let me rate it without setting up a google+ account. That will be a rant for another day.

So for any of you other non-techie off grid homestead preppers out there, check out Total Commander in your app store or even for your PC. Their website is and no I get nothing for writing this except for maybe realizing I need to make a new blog category called “Rants and Raves”.

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For all you techies out there, any cool tips or reccomendations for android apps would be appreciated. Just post below in the comment section. Thanks!

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