Yikes! Price of a fishing license is over $47

By | March 16, 2016

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Did he pay his $47 ???

Did he pay his $47 ???

Oh my, another rant post. I was excited about an upcoming Homestead Prepper Meet-up that was going to include fishing. They reminded everyone to bring their fishing license. When I stopped by the Walmart outdoors department I was shocked to see the price of a fishing license is now over $47 per year! Yikes!

I grew up fishing as a kid and to be honest I never remember there being a fishing license requirement. I remember there being “rules” like you could not fish with more than one pole/line. Our family got around this by never having more lines in the water than the number of people on the boat. I should say “I” got around the rule since I don’t recall anyone else in the family being into fishing. I was the only idiot sitting out on the deck half the night fishing while everyone else was inside watching TV or sleeping.

Now when I say “inside” and “TV” you are probably envisioning some grand yacht. That is the furthest from the truth. My dad purchased a used “Ship ‘N Shore” houseboat that my mom took great pride in making curtains for, etc. I’ve asked my mom to try and find some old pictures of this thing because you just won’t be able to visualize it otherwise. It was basically a shoebox that floated. It was designed to be an RV while camping on land, or you could slip it into the water if any was close by. It was flat bottomed and didn’t need much water clearance (is that called draft? A boat person I am not). So while boating the CA delta, we could usually pull all the way up to shore or onto a sandbar while the ski boats had to anchor offshore or at docks.

RV mode while on land.

RV mode while on land.

Floating "shoebox" that could still pull a kid water skier.


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The amazing thing about this pseudo houseboat is that it was strong enough to pull water skiers. We all learned to ski behind that monster and the looks we got from the ski boaters were priceless. These things must have been pretty rare because everyone we encountered asked the same thing, “What the heck is that?!”. As kids we didn’t care much about the stares and comments, we were having fun! I do recall one embarrassing moment as we pulled into a marina for gas when someone said over the PA system, “Dive, Dive, Dive”, alluding to the submarine resemblance. Floating shoebox and pregnant guppy were just a couple descriptives people used.

Parked on sandbars easily due to flat bottom design. Easy to camp on the river. Big advantage over other conventional boats. Wonder why they stopped making them?

Parked on sandbars easily due to flat bottom design. Easy to camp on the river. Big advantage over other conventional boats. Wonder why they stopped making them?

Back to the cost of California fishing licenses. I was about to rant that I remembered fishing licenses costing $7-$15 per year, but I decided to google California Fishing License history. (I just LOVE Google. The younger generation doesn’t know how lucky they are.) Turns out that when I returned from Active Duty and had a fishing and hunting-aholic boyfriend, I was actually paying around $22-$24 per year. No wonder old people always complain about prices. My mom drives me insane for refusing to pay the extra 15 cents that Jack in the Box charges to add tomatoes to her favorite sandwich. OMG, I am getting old and turning into my mom!

I suppose I can justify $22-$24 a year when we spent almost every weekend fishing or hunting and had a second freezer on the patio for all the fish, duck, pheasant, deer, and wild pig we could fit. For a one time prepper outing, I just can’t justify the price. I have a LOT of animals to feed. I am still working on reducing my need for the feed stores and funding my hay grower’s retirement or vacation home in Hawaii. Shoot, a stack of hay costs over $1200+. Thankfully we have rain this winter and mild temperatures, otherwise I would have needed to purchase 4-6 stacks of hay to get the herd of horses and goats thru the winter.

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Now you know why I am too cheap to buy a fishing license. Guess I will have to wait until the SHTF before I fish again. By the way, if anyone outside the state of California ever reads this, I would love to know what you pay for a fishing license. Just post it below in the comments section.

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