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You can help support this blog and all my animals and upcoming Homestead projects by using my Amazon Affiliate links (coming soon hopefully links also because they have some great pricing).  If you don’t see the banner ads because they are blocked, then go to the Amazon Home Page by clicking here.

Update:  Yippee! Finally was accepted as a Walmart Affiliate.  I do a ton of comparison shopping before ordering or purchasing anything so you will notice in future blog posts that I may provide links to both Amazon and Walmart and let you know which has the better pricing, etc.

Why provide more than one choice?  Well pricing can change and by giving you all links than you can easily decide which has the better pricing at that moment.  I am a frugal (cheap!) person and would rather find the best deals for you and lose a few cents in commission.  Plus there may be links to sources I have no Affiliate relationship with just because that is who I purchased from since they had the best price at that time.

I personally have accounts at both Amazon and Walmart so I use both, but some people may prefer to shop at one over the other,  like if you have Amazon Prime with free 2-day shipping on some items or you are taking advantage of Walmart’s free ship to store, etc.

What do I personally do when the price is close to the same or is a large or heavy item?  I usually choose Walmart because returning an item is far easier for me since Walmart is actually closer to me than any post office.  Plus I don’t want the hassle of having to ship back to Amazon.

Do what is best for you.  “But Cheryl, what happens if I just go to Walmart and buy the same thing?  You won’t make any advertising commission”.  That is fine.  Hopefully you will keep me in mind for any future purchases from either Amazon, PetSmart, or Walmart websites, and you will enter their websites by using my links here.

How do the Affiliate links work?

The Amazon and other Affiliate links will either take you directly to a product that I am recommending or reviewing, or they are banners that when clicked take you to the Amazon or Walmart homepage.

The pricing is EXACTLY the same whether you go directly to the Amazon website or if you enter it from my link.  Go ahead and check to verify it for yourself.

Soooooo…. Why go to the hassle of bookmarking my website and then clicking my link to shop at Amazon or Walmart?  Because I will receive a small “advertising” commission.

Why does this blog need support?

Well I have big plans for this blog and hopefully sharing lots of hard earned knowledge so you don’t make the mistakes that I did on my Off Grid Homestead Prepper journey.  I would really like to get a digital camera/video recorder so I can add my own videos and better quality pictures.  Update:  Wow I am on a real computer today instead of the cheap old 7″ tablet I have been using to make this blog.  Looks totally different and I now realize I really need to get a bigger tablet or maybe a laptop that can use my tablet as a hotspot???  Or something – LOL.   But I also need a mouse !!!  Wow – doing the custom menu with a tablet and my finger was a nightmare!  No wonder I have been having so many problems.  With a computer with a mouse it is super easy.  So adding a blue tooth mouse to my wish list if I can’t get a lap top.  And I found out my inability to edit my Custom CSS on my tablet was a tablet/finger thing and it was no problem to edit and change colors using a mouse today.  Oh my…..   I sure did things the hard way starting out.   BUT that seems to be the story of my life.  When I stop messing with the set-up of this blog and get to all the posts, you will shake your head at the dumb things I did over the years.  From my first attempt at strawbale building to ….. hmmm what is my latest dumb thing?   Probably not using the candy cane type anchors on my pasture rabbit pens to keep the wind from blowing them over and having loose rabbits running around.  But since dumb things happen on a daily basis….  who knows what is next.

I also fell for the Kindle eBooks that claimed you could start your own WordPress blog for just a few dollars per month.  HA!…..Not!  For the last month I have been pulling my hair out to learn WordPress instead of typing up all the great articles I have planned.  I ended up hiring a consultant to help and having to upgrade from free themes and plugins to the paid versions.  (Update:  Well I now know WHY it was so hard.  So, it is possible to make a website and blog with a tablet, but expect huge headaches in some areas).

Also to be completely honest, I really don’t want to go back to commuting to a full time corporate job.  I pick up part-time work when I get desperate and would love to continue that by “working” to bring the best content I can.

So if you are planning on ordering something from Amazon or Walmart, please bookmark this website and enter Amazon via my link.  You will be helping me out tremendously!

Thanks so much!

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