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By | March 21, 2016

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I live off grid with horses, goats, chickens, llamas, meat rabbits, dogs, and too many darn feral cats. I am attempting to become more self-sufficient by growing and raising my own food on my homestead.  Being a Prepper is just part of this lifestyle.

Horses, ponies, and llamas grazing on pasture.

Horses, ponies, and llamas grazing on pasture.

This blog is dedicated to sharing the lessons I have learned while purchasing raw land and attempting to build a Homestead.  I have not truly succeeded because there are so many more things to do.  I have done many things wrong and hopefully by sharing my experiences it may save others from similar mistakes.

Please be patient with this new blog as I fill it with posts.  There will be categories on horses, free range chickens, goats, and my newest adventure in raising meat rabbits on natural grass and weeds.

Being a Prepper there will be plenty of info on how to survive off grid with no electricity nor running water.  I will outline my experiments in Aquaponics, Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL),  and hopefully getting a biogas system going so I won’t have to depend on propane in the future.  Additional future projects include raising meal worms, sow bugs, and red worms for sustainable fish food and even edible insects for humans.

Vet service is often difficult to get in my area so I have had to learn to do most of the doctoring on myself and the animals.  I use herbs, homeopathic remedies, some Bach flower essences, essential oils, and Quantum Touch (it really works great on colicy horses).

What does the WMH stand for?   

WindMill Hills

The users on the Bay Area Equestrian Network came up with it years ago when there were too many new Cheryls starting to post. I have continued to use it on other forums over the years.

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Author: WMH Cheryl

I am living off-off grid with horses, goats, chickens, meat rabbits, llamas, dogs and too many Feral cats. Learning things the hard way and hoping my mistakes may help you avoid them while we prep for the future with a goal of being self sufficient.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to WMH Cheryl’s Blog

  1. joe

    hi their this is joe i was on pint rest and i wanted to let you know i found you here good job

    1. WMH Cheryl Post author

      Hey Joe, glad to see you finally made it to the website! LOL. Wow, I am on Pinterest? I haven’t figured Pinterest out yet so someone must have pinned me, very cool!

    1. WMH Cheryl Post author

      Welcome Gary. Sorry for the delay in responding, something must be wrong with the email notifications. I am way behind on getting content on here. I think I need to give up on trying to make pretty pictures and graphics and just post all the drafts that are awaiting pictures. Thanks for stopping by.


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